Company formation in Germany | Remotely within 2-4 weeks

VEGO Consult methods allow residents of foreign countries to set up the company remotely (without personal presence, LLC or GmbH in German) in just 2-4 weeks after we receive the necessary documents.

Germany ranks first in economic development in the European Union and fourth worldwide. The main advantages of Germany as a place to do business include an excellent infrastructure, skilled labor force, an impeccable reputation and quick access to the markets of the European Economic Area. The German legal system provides a reliable basis for mutually beneficial financial and economic cooperation. International and local investors have the opportunity to do business in the German market and establish companies in areas such as technology, engineering, finance, healthcare and many others.

Setting up a company in Germany consists of several steps.

The first stage includes the selection of a corporate legal structure, among which the most common are the following:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC), Gesellschaft mitbeschränkterHaftung (GmbH) - the most common corporate form
  • Joint Stock Company/Public Listed Company (PLC) or Aktiengesellschaft (AG) in German
  • Mini-GmbH (Mini-GmbH, Unternehmergesellschaft UG, haftungsbeschränkt) - for start-up entrepreneurs with the minimum authorized/share capital in amount of 1 EUR
  • Individual company (Das Einzelunternehmen)
  • Civil Law Society - Die Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts (GbR)
  • Open Trading Company - Die offene Handelsgesellschaft (OHG)
  • Limited partnership - Die Kommanditgesellschaft (KG)

Our experts will assist you with formation of any corporate legal structure, regardless of whether you incorporate company by physical presence at notary or decide to do it remotely by drawing up the necessary powers of attorney (both individuals and legal entities can act as shareholders). In case of the remote formation, we will forward you the list of necessary documents and forms that you should notarize and apostille/legalize in your country of residence.

The most common form of legal entity is a Limited Liability Company (LLC or GmbH in German). Our methods also allow foreign residents to establish companies in Germany remotely (without physical presence) in just 2-4 weeks after we receive the relevant documents on hands.

Our services include:

  1. Verification of the proposed company name (by the Client) on contradiction with existing names registered in the German Trade Register and the European Trademark Register (EUIPO)
  2. Drafting Articles of Association where specified the main activities of the company, the list of founders, the ratio of shares in accordance with German legal norms
  3. Sworn translation to German language of constituent documents
  4. Opening a bank account in order to deposit the authorized/share capital (in case of GmbH, at least 12 500 EUR)
  5. Performing procedure of company registration in German commercial register
  6. Obtaining a tax number (VAT)
  7. Covering all notarial and state fees
  8. The formation of a company under German law requires an address in Germany. To resolve this issue, we provide you with a Virtual Office service with the subsequent forwarding of emails and correspondence from state institutions and Banks
  9. If necessary, provision of recommendation and selection of an appropriate candidate for the position of a board member / director for foreign investors and non-residents of Germany / European Union ("Geschäftsführer")

Since we understand that our customers need to have a complete turnkey solution, we, together with our partners, offer many other services as accounting support, obtaining corporate documents for the company, tax planning, obtaining financial licenses, business consulting and many others.

To learn more or to order this service, contact us by the following phone number: +4989 9982804-50 or leave a request through the feedback form.

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