Accounting in Germany

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Accounting allows you to monitor, predict and evaluate the effectiveness of the entity for the subsequent adoption of balanced decisions. In addition, bookkeeping and accounting is mandatory requirement in Germany by the law, as soon as the company is established. The frequency of financial reporting is settled by the financial regulator, depending on the legal form, revenues value, scope of activity and lifetime of the company.

VEGO Consult will assist you to organize all the work related to the financial statements of your company.

  • Monthly reports
  • Quarterly annual reports
  • Annual reports
  • Reporting in accordance with GAAP and IFRS
  • Advising your employees

If you are intended to avoid accounting service outsourcing and keep own staff for reporting, VEGO Consult could assist you in development of individual turnkey solution.

  • Analysis of industry of your company operating activity, in accordance with the German tax law
  • Analysis of operating model and needs of your business
  • Provision of standards and methods

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