Managing director service in Germany

Professional Director — establish and manage your company remotely

VEGO Consult provides recommendation and selection of an appropriate candidate for the position of a board member / director for foreign investors. This service opens several possibilities:

  1. The remote formation of the company without physical presence of major actors in Germany
  2. Subsequent remote management of the company in Germany
  3. The availability of skills and education in accordance with the requirements of local regulations (in particular, this is relevant for activities in Germany that fall under certain requirements or authorization/ license))

Professional director / management board member of the company works with the highest level of honesty and confidentiality. Please note, professional director is not nominal, and payment will be collected at the standard annual rate + hourly rate.

We carefully weigh the risks and analyze the activity areas of our customers and only then we recommend candidate for this position with corresponding experience, skills and education.

As soon as director will be appointed on the position, service agreement will be signed between both parties. This guarantees that appointed director could act or sign documents only at the request of the customer with the prior consent.

To learn more or to order this service, contact us by the following phone number: +4989 9982804-50 or leave a request through the feedback form.

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