Corporate Documents | Notarization | Apostille

Corporate documents are an integral part of the company's business activities.

VEGO Consult specializes in company formation as well as in several related services, including obtainment of notarized and legalized / apostilled copies of corporate documents from the German Commercial Register (Handelsregistereintragung).

We provide the following services:

  • Notarization of corporate documents copies
  • Legalization (apostille) of corporate documents copies. Apostille is supported by countries that have signed the Hague Convention 1961 and make documents suitable for use in these countries
  • Sworn translation of documents from German into English language

Notarized and apostilled corporate documents required in the following cases:

  • In order to open a Bank account/ corporate account within PSP outside the country of company registration
  • Interaction with potential investors
  • Acquire / merge or sale of the company (for due diligence purposes)
  • Resolving conflicts between shareholders
  • Conducting other business activities on behalf of the company

In Germany could be obtained the following list of documents:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association — Satzung
  • The list of beneficiaries
  • Certificate of incorporation / Certificate of good standing — Anmeldung Handelsregister
  • Extract from the German tax register on the tax residency of the company in Germany
  • Decision on the appointment of the director
  • Certificate confirming availability of the license/authorization from BAFIN — Erlaubnes / Genemegung / Zulassung

To learn more or to order this service, contact us by the following phone number: +4989 9982804-50 or leave a request through the feedback form.

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