Due Diligence

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Due diligence is an integral part of any acquisition process. The main objective of the legal expertise — provide detailed overview of the acquired property (for instance, legal entity or business unit), analyze the risks and identify “red flags” that warn of a potential problem or threat. As a part of the business consulting services, competent due diligence process could be organized.

Our customers will be assisted in taking balanced strategic business decisions:

  • Evaluation of target business operation
  • Analysis of financial and commercial risks
  • List of guarantees and compensations to be received
  • Analysis and identification of alternative solutions to reduce legal risks
  • Overview of forecasts, models and working capital requirements

As part of the due diligence process, the following documents are audited:

  • Company corporate documents (articles of association, meeting minutes of shareholders, shareholder agreements, labor contracts of directors and officers)
  • Corporate structure of the company (including a list of all subsidiaries, branches and parent companies)
  • All types of shares (declared, issued and outstanding)
  • List of real estate owned or leased
  • Verification of all contracts related to other large assets that are owned
  • Service / product providers
  • Availability of litigations against the company

Based on the provided analysis, company owners and managers could confidently make their investments. Our approach offers you valuable business ideas that assist you in taking decisions and reduce the risks associated with operations such as acquiring legal entity in Germany or in other countries of European Economic Area.

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