Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)

Correctly drawn up sale and purchase agreement (SPA) allows our customers to purchase what they pay for

Sale and purchase agreement (SPA) is a necessary legal document that obliges the parties to the transaction (seller and buyer) to act in accordance with established agreement. Similar treaties could be found in all business areas, but most often in transactions such as the sale of real estate, shares and company assets. Sale and purchase agreement contain the following provisions:

  • Information about the parties to the transaction (seller and buyer)
  • Terms of sale
  • Description of the service or product being sold, as well as the quantity and description of the unit being sold
  • Representations and warranties
  • Payment method
  • Report of sale
  • Miscellaneous (with respect to applicable jurisdiction etc.)

The drafting of the sales contract is carried out by an experienced lawyer who could provide appropriate advice and assistance adapted to the specific facts of each case as well as considering the jurisdiction in which the transaction takes place. In case of real estate, legal entity and company assets purchase, our customers could be assisted with due diligence services, which you can find here.

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