Renting an office in Germany

VEGO Consult conducts search for commercial premises for rent based on criteria provided by the customer.

A wide range of our contacts in the field of real estate (brokers, owners of commercial real estate) contributes to the processing of customer requests in the shortest possible time.

A physical office in Germany is required in the following cases:

  • Your company conducts business activities based on the issued authorization / license from the regulator and availability of the physical office as well as employees — one of the conditions in order to obtain authorization
  • In order to open a Bank account/ corporate account within PSP in Germany or other EU countries for company which activities associated with high risk level (crypto-oriented activities and not only), some financial institutions may request proof of address which could be obtained if entity rents physical office and landlord issuing rental agreement or utility bill confirming the address. The Virtual Office service does not imply the issuance of utility bills. For this purpose, we could conduct search for commercial premises for rent.

VEGO Consult provides the following list of services:

  • Search for commercial premises in accordance with the criteria of the request (floor space, infrastructure, condition, location, cost)
  • Preparation and conclusion of a lease contract with the landlord

As soon as customer receives access to commercial premise and contract will be concluded both sides, utilities and rental costs will be paid directly from tenant to landlord.

The cost of this service consists of a fixed rate + cost of one-month rental fee for commercial premise.

To learn more or to order this service, contact us by the following phone number: +4989 9982804-50 or leave a request through the feedback form.

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