VAT number in Germany

VEGO Consult will advise you and provide support in VAT number obtainment

All companies are required to comply with the tax regulations in the country of registration and Germany is no exception. Companies established outside Germany but operating on the German market are required to comply with the laws of the country. If your business does not comply with German legal regulations, the consequences can be serious: in addition to imposing fines, the reputation of your company could suffer.

If the annual revenue of your company registered in Germany exceeds 17 500 EUR, a VAT number obtainment becomes mandatory. For companies selling goods or services for German residents through online environment these threshold amounts to 100 000 EUR.

Once your business is registered as taxable, you will receive Steuernummer and USt-IdNr (VAT number). Steuernummer is used in all documents, including tax return reports.

VEGO Consult advise you to be aware of all possible tax liabilities of your company before starting business in Germany. We are ready to find the necessary solution for you and provide support in obtaining a VAT number, considering your field of activity and the specifics of your business model.

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