Ready made companies, Germany

Ready made company purchase – opportunity to start your business immediately!

  • You will have everything you need to start: tax number, VAT-number (if required), bank account opened, contributed share capital.
  • Re-registration of the company to the new owner will require a minimum of time.
  • The transfer of ownership of the company can be carried out without the personal presence of the new owner(s).

As part of the procedure for transferring the company to the new owner(s), it is necessary to make the following changes in accordance with your individual requirements:

  • Change the company name (the service includes verification and confirmation from commercial register of Germany and EUIPO that the company name is unique and could be used)
  • Implement changes to the articles of association in accordance with German law (list all operating activities)
  • Change contributed share capital (if necessary) and more

In the frames of the shares transfer procedure, VEGO Consult can assist also in solving the following aspects:

  • Organization of the process of company shares transfer (preliminary negotiations with the notary, setting up appointments, entering data on the new owner(s) in the German commercial business register, etc.)
  • Assistance in bank corporate account legitimization
  • Obtaining corporate documents at the completion of the company shares transfer procedure (registration certificate, articles of association etc.) and sworn translation (if required)
  • Obtaining a VAT number (if required)
  • Provision of Virtual Office service, search and implementation of accounting solutions etc.

The list of services depends on your wishes and can be shortened or extended (for instance, if special authorization / license is required under operating activity)


local_offer 2.500 €

  • Bank account
  • No VAT number
  • Share capital – 300 EUR
  • No operating history


local_offer 27.500 €

  • Bank account
  • VAT number
  • Share capital 25 000 EUR
  • No operating history


local_offer 57.500 €

  • Bank account
  • VAT number
  • Share capital 50 000 EUR
  • No operating history

To learn more or to order this service, contact us by the following phone number: +4989 9982804-50 or leave a request through the feedback form.

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